Our projects

M-1 Plius

“M-1 Plius” is a mobile app of one of the most popular radio stations in Lithuania. Having downloaded this app, users can listen to “M-1 Plius” popular music and current news live.

New Habit

Feature-rich app „New Habit“ is designed for users striving for positive changes in their life. It allows them to get rid of harmful habits and change them to productive ones. With “New Habit” app, this is a way easier task, as the app offers a broad spectrum of functions: from reminders to in-depth reports.

Futurus Platform

“Futurus Platform” grants its users an opportunity to save callers’ data. The next time a call is received, the app will show the information about the caller on the screen. Needless to say, “Futurus Platform” is especially loved by real estate agents.


“Zive” is an app made for an innovative startup, which allows users to track and analyze their heart rate. The users connect to a heart rate monitor via Bluetooth to see their heart activities. The fact that “Zive” is completely wireless and detects irregular heartbeats makes it stand out from a variety of similar solutions.


Project „Album2Life“, created for an Australian company, is supported by two apps. The first one, „Photo Booth App“, allows users to transform their selfie into a personalized wish. The second one, „Augmented Reality App“, is a digital album that stores AR wishes.

Call Screen Apps

“Call Screen Apps” is comprised of six apps. Its users can choose from more than 50 unique themes as well as use common functions: turn on the speaker, place a call on hold and even organize conference calls.


“Dinderis” is an innovative app that makes accounting way easier. The app scans invoices and generates a financial account. It intelligently checks VAT invoices, which allows users to avoid most common mistakes in invoice matching during i.SAF system cross-checks.


“HospiTasker” is the prototype of the mobile application for Republican Hospital of Kaunas. The integrated innovative system maximally automates hospital staff’s work. It pinpoints the location, offers an optimized route, scans NFC tags, informs the staff about orders, and performs many more essential for hospital functions.


Blurrify is a document management app, which has been made for a Dutch company. Its main function is uploading encrypted personal documents to the system.

Love from 2nd glance

„Love from 2nd glance“ app for Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum invites users to fall in love with classical Lithuanian authors again. A short interactive test allows users to find similarities with authors, while a face mask gives them a chance to try on the attributes of the authors.

MICE Klaipėda

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) Klaipėda is a digital solution for Klaipėda city municipality. The app helps users find conference halls as well as other information related to conference tourism in Klaipėda.


“Transtira” is a supporting app for one of the biggest transportation and logistics companies in the Baltic states. It gives long distance drivers an opportunity to contact their management directly to solve encountered problems in a timely way.

Cherry Music Player

“Cherry Music Player” is a versatile platform for streaming background music. It offers a broad spectrum of playlists, tailored for the needs of various businesses. The app is actively used by major Lithuanian supermarkets, restaurants, and other enterprises.


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